SPEKRFREKS (pronounced speaker freaks) come from San Francisco, CA.  Musical collaborators since high school, this duo got their jump-start after being signed to remix Deadmau5 & Melleefresh and helping to pioneer a popular Electro House sound in 2010. A few years later they decided to combine their love of 1920s Swing Music with hard hitting House Music and Glitch Hop using live instruments mixed with synthesizers. This musical blend landed them in their first Beatport #1 spot, with several #1 and #2 charting positions to follow. They toured Canada, Mexico, and the USA as a result.


SPEKRFREKS are now focusing on their signature "Swing Tech" sound as they recently toured the UK for the Swingamjig Festival and London Undergrounds showcasing this new vibe. They can also be found DJ'ing regularly in California and Canada as well as residency with Heavy Petting Zoo where they always showcase new original music. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and new releases!